Giovanni Paolini

Applied Scientist at Amazon Web Services and Caltech


  • Arithmat
    2016 - 2020

    Sage implementation of arithmetic matroids and toric arrangements.

    • Multi-table tournament
      2018 - 2020

      Web application to manage a Swiss-system tournament with multiple distinct tables.
      Since 2019 it is used for the NonSoloNumeri tournament, within the annual festival Tutto è Numero in Caldé.

    • Hanabi
      2016 - 2018

      Program that plays the card game Hanabi.

    • Subtracker
      2014 - 2016

      Real-time ball tracker for table football games.

    • SPQR

      Web application to learn basic Russian words (for Italian speakers).

Educational Mathematics
  • La Matematica delle Olimpiadi

    Training book for the first phases of the Mathematical Olympiad.

  • Scienza e estetica dei nodi di cravatta

    Classification of tie knots based on a simple combinatorial model. Written with Andrea Centomo.