Giovanni Paolini

Applied Scientist at Amazon Web Services and Caltech


Publications and preprints
  • Proof of the \(K(\pi,1)\) conjecture for affine Artin groups with Mario Salvetti

    arXiv preprint 1907.11795, 2019

  • Where is the information in a deep neural network? with Alessandro Achille and Stefano Soatto

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  • Shellability of generalized Dowling posets

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  • A table of \(n\)-component handlebody links of genus \(n+1\) up to six crossings with Giovanni Bellettini, Maurizio Paolini, and Yi-Sheng Wang

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  • On the local homology of Artin groups of finite and affine type

    Algebraic & Geometric Topology 19 (7), pp. 3615-3639, 2019

  • Shellability of posets of labeled partitions and arrangements defined by root systems with Emanuele Delucchi and Noriane Girard

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  • Representations of torsion-free arithmetic matroids with Roberto Pagaria

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  • The information complexity of learning tasks, their structure and their distance with Alessandro Achille, Glen Mbeng, and Stefano Soatto

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  • Euclidean matchings and minimality of hyperplane arrangements with Davide Lofano

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  • Collapsibility to a subcomplex of a given dimension is NP-complete

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  • On the classifying space of Artin monoids

    Communications in Algebra 45 (11), pp. 4740-4757, 2017

  • Topology and combinatorics of affine reflection arrangements

    PhD thesis (2019)

  • Discrete Morse theory and the \(K(\pi,1)\) conjecture

    Master thesis (2015)